HES Global Hospitality Executive Search
HES Global Hospitality Executive Search



The mission of HES Global is to become your first choice when selecting professional and talented management in the Hospitality industry, enabling you to build productive teams.

Today, more than ever, only highly qualified professionals can be considered for employment abroad. It is therefore very important that the selection of candidates is thoroughly made. The sometimes lengthy process of searching for the right candidates, checking references, and conducting first interviews is taken over by HES Global for its clients.

HES Global offers a highly specialized style of personal service, and has access to the finest and most professional candidates ready to cope with the challenges in a fast changing world.

You can summarize following advantages of HES Global:

  • High quality candidates with strong industry knowledge;
  • Confidentiality and quick response;
  • Personal service tailored to your needs;
  • No charge or costs for presenting candidates;
  • 3 month minimum replacement policy, 6 months for GM, MD & VP positions if requested;
  • Very competitive rates;
  • Ability to provide a shortlist of candidates matching your specifications, within 6 working days of any assignment being confirmed to us;
  • Curriculum Vitae presentation with an analysis of specific technical abilities, personality traits and references.

To meet your future demand, we continue to search for the very best candidates with good track records of performance and consistency and hope HES Global will become your first choice when it comes to recruitment.