HES Global Hospitality Executive Search
HES Global Hospitality Executive Search


Your advantage

HES Global keeps investing in order to improve the way that we help you to find your next career role, whilst keeping abreast of any changes in your personal or vocational circumstances, by using a combination of the latest executive search software as well a professional database.

Being a global operator, we have invested in and developed a professional database which means that each time we have a suitable job opportunity matching your background, we will be able to contact you immediately.

You can summarize following key advantages of HES Global:

  • High quality Hotels & Resorts access;
  • Confidentiality and quick response;
  • Personal service
  • Resume building & selling presentation.

There are no costs involved for you the candidate; rather fees are paid by clients as they hire us to find the best talent available with the following criteria: job stability, good education, solid job progression, worked for hotels with name recognition, worked for more than 1 company and strong job skills. If you meet those criteria, then please take the time to register with HES Global Head office so that we can propose you a new career opportunity.